vineri, 24 septembrie 2010

Celebrating the fall

Yes, I'm still alive and very, very busy and happy. I've been busy working on new projects at night and going to the fairs in weeek-ends. And I can say the fall is a great inspirational moment so just trying hard to catch the it in some of my ideas and jewels.

And yes, I'm also happy beacause the other day I just received my first order on, which gives me the power to rip off some time with my beads in order to update my shop on this site. It's a promise, next week my shop on Crafty will be full of new things so make sure you check them out.

To make the waiting a little bit more beareble, take a look on my new set: L'ete indien - one meter long lariant with 20 different leaves and 20 or so berries in coral and carnelian and a pair of matching earrings.

I also did great at too more fairs, one a gift fair in Unirii Park and the other at Bucharest Days. And a new collection for the cold winter days is under way and as an inside look, let me say that I restarted crochet, kintting, working with fabric and I also did just a little bit of felting, which I learned in Green Hours Garden a month ago. Which remainds me to invite you all, tommorrow or maybe on sunday, to my favorite fair:

Why I call it my favorite? Because is the only place where I have the space to chat with friends and clients, to work, to teach and to learn new things. Plus, the weather is going to be just gorgeous this week-end. So for a little bit of "ete indien" the Green Hours Garden on Calea Victoriei is the place to be this week-end.

sâmbătă, 4 septembrie 2010

Back to I Love Handmade

I know I've been lazy with the posts, but I have a perfect excuse: I worked hard to get ready for another fair.

So, hopefully next week I will bring here and on all the new jewels.