vineri, 12 noiembrie 2010

Christmas is ohhhh so close

As I told you last week I'm starting to get ready for Christmas. This means lots of hard work and also a little turn in terms of things to do and to show on and on fairs. Well, for just few days I left my dear jewelleries to work on decorations: some little trees and some candle table centres. Here they are.

There are few to come for sure, but you can check them all on and as the weather is looking promising for the week-end (around 20 degrees) you cand see them live starting from tomorrow at the fair in the park just in front of Unirea Store.

sâmbătă, 6 noiembrie 2010


  • I've been working like hell, yet fighting an ugly cold, with some complications on my nose, probably due to the cold weather form my last fair, at Romexpo, two weeks ago.
  • Yes, I enjoyed my first fair at Romexpo and will do it once again this month and before Christmas.
  • I've got my second order on, which remainds me I put some new stuff there, but was not able to put all the available products.
  • Started working on things for Christmas and here are just some earrings, you will find more on crafty

    • And last but not least, you are all invited to I Love Handmade, this week-end, the last edition this year for me (due to busy shedule before Christmas).

    marți, 19 octombrie 2010

    We won, we won, we won....

    Not only that I'm a lucky person to have him (for more then 16 years), but my dear Rudotel is one lucky black cat. We won the CDB contest for cats.

    Here are the beautiful winners: my baby, Musi (a wonderful lady), and the other knight of the forum, Leo).

    vineri, 8 octombrie 2010

    In case you missed him...

    Rudotel is back, modelling one of my latest bracelet, as crown :)), not very pleased to do that, but it was an invitation from CDB friends...

    Notice the scratch under the ear...still doing that from time to time, not only in the summer

    Is it just me or in this picture he has a Maid Marian face?

    vineri, 24 septembrie 2010

    Celebrating the fall

    Yes, I'm still alive and very, very busy and happy. I've been busy working on new projects at night and going to the fairs in weeek-ends. And I can say the fall is a great inspirational moment so just trying hard to catch the it in some of my ideas and jewels.

    And yes, I'm also happy beacause the other day I just received my first order on, which gives me the power to rip off some time with my beads in order to update my shop on this site. It's a promise, next week my shop on Crafty will be full of new things so make sure you check them out.

    To make the waiting a little bit more beareble, take a look on my new set: L'ete indien - one meter long lariant with 20 different leaves and 20 or so berries in coral and carnelian and a pair of matching earrings.

    I also did great at too more fairs, one a gift fair in Unirii Park and the other at Bucharest Days. And a new collection for the cold winter days is under way and as an inside look, let me say that I restarted crochet, kintting, working with fabric and I also did just a little bit of felting, which I learned in Green Hours Garden a month ago. Which remainds me to invite you all, tommorrow or maybe on sunday, to my favorite fair:

    Why I call it my favorite? Because is the only place where I have the space to chat with friends and clients, to work, to teach and to learn new things. Plus, the weather is going to be just gorgeous this week-end. So for a little bit of "ete indien" the Green Hours Garden on Calea Victoriei is the place to be this week-end.

    sâmbătă, 4 septembrie 2010

    Back to I Love Handmade

    I know I've been lazy with the posts, but I have a perfect excuse: I worked hard to get ready for another fair.

    So, hopefully next week I will bring here and on all the new jewels.

    sâmbătă, 28 august 2010

    In week-end - Green...

    This week-end I'll be among friends in Green Hours. It would be nice if you would like to come.

    I've started working on the autumn collection, and of course few pieces of this collection will be on display at the fair.

    vineri, 20 august 2010

    Last shopping session before autumn...

    This week-end I'll be in Bucharest, at Sutu Palace near the University, for I Love Handmade fair - 8th edition, waiting you with the latest summer jewelry.

    You can bet there will be new and fresh ones. Just to get your attention, a new lariant, very long one, about one and a half meter, with corals at both ends, in blue and multicolored seed beads.

    I love the vase in the last pic. I have it from Arges, from Iulia's mother, along with a pair of very nice candlesticks. She got my daisy bracelet. :D

    luni, 16 august 2010

    Photos from Curtea de Arges

    Too tired even to think I could share some impresions about the fair in Curtea de Arges. Just form the economic point of view it was one of the worse I had. But it was fun all th way, made new friends, find apreciation from the visitors, changed the hot air in Bucuharest with one a little more pure, visited the monestery and... celebrated my name day with friends.

    Here are the pictures.

    First tine I could say my stand starts to look ok, just a little bit more profy.

    Too tired to smile for the camera...

    The stage

    The monastery - where the Romanian kings (Carol I and Ferdinand) and their families rest.

    joi, 12 august 2010

    New fair trip

    In just few hours I'll be again on the road...Just dying to get out of the capital on these hot, hot days, this time it will be Curtea de Arges, so just before I go, let me show you some of the things I've made these days and I'll have with me there.

    Here goes another butterfly, this time in black and gold.

    One freeform bracelet, this time made wih porcelain beads and seed beads in one of my favorite color combination blue and copper.

    One little wire crochet flower which I like very muh but I could not decide what to do with it.

    And, last but not least my favorite bracelet, made with semipretious stones (jad and dalmatian jasper I guess - prize from one contest on CDB)

    As usually, by now, you can find the prices very soon on my page.

    duminică, 1 august 2010

    Changes and a celebration

    This is my 200 post so this needs to be celebrated.
    Well there's been a lot of change in my artistic life during the past month, so I didn't get much time to take picture of all the stuff created.

    And right now I'm trying desperately to catch up and also to put thing in order and prepair for the next fair which will be in Curtea de Arges on 13-15 August. Here you can find the other artists and all the details.

    I'm not going to cover all the news in just one post so i decided to let you all know that everything is fine, thank you, all went just wonderful in Vama Veche and in the Curtea Veche fair and for today to show you some of the NECKLACES I've already sold. Well the other part of the news is that the necklaces that are still available can be found on, a very new online initiative i decided to give a try.

    So, here are the gone necklaces:

    1. Cleopatra - the 3rd of the series ( the 4th one, in diferent colors can be find in the store)

    2. Leaves - some freeform leaves arangement with a leaf cabochon

    3. Boulevard of broken ...wings - yet another butterfly from my family of butterflies. Really love it, and there are more to come.

    Just to finish off in style, here is a new bracelet I've just made for the summer.