luni, 4 iulie 2011

De la capat...

Nu am mai scris si nu am mai postat bijuterii noi de foarte mult timp. Motivul principal a fost disparitia ingerului pazitor al acestui blog, sursa mea de inspiratie, muza mica si negricioasa care ne-a parasit intr-un sfarsit de februarie intunecat si rece.

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De atunci am tot amanat sa scriu, dand vina pe starile de vina si negare pe care le-am experimentat dupa. Dar a venit momentul sa fac si putina ordine in blog, asa incat ceea ce vedeti aici va trece printr-o mica (sper cat mai mica) perioada de rearanjare in care anumite sectiuni vor fi incomplete sau inexistente. Ceea ce imi doresc este ca la final sa puteti avea la indemana o galerie cu toate bijuteriile mele si una in care sa fie vizibile cele disponibile, precum si o alta cu evenimentele la care particip. Wish me luck!

duminică, 27 februarie 2011

TAD 2011 - Day 27: Nothing...

Nothing...just the dark and the silence...

TAD 2011 - Day 26: Silver herringbone bracelet

Made this bracelet in the evening, after I returned from the fair. It was a pretty ok day, but the weather is still killing me: not very nice to stay out at about -5 C. Maybe tomorrow will be better.


sâmbătă, 26 februarie 2011

TAD 2011 - Day 24: Rust gold lariant finished

Finished the gold lariant. Sorry for the pic, but this is the best I could managed at this late hour. Tomorrow is another fair day. Hope o do better then today.



joi, 24 februarie 2011

TAD 2011 - Day 24: Mushroom trinkets

 Played around with some idea of a mushroom. Selled some trinkets near the home. Tomorrow I will be at Roanian Peasant Museum, for the first day of the March fair. Wish me luck and if you are in Bucharest come to take a look.


TAD 2011 - Day 23: Old gold lariant

Started a new lariant. Still troubled by the weather and the poor condition of my beloved Rudotel. But...I'll think about this tomorrow, as Scarlett says.


marți, 22 februarie 2011

TAD 2011 - Day 22: Violet day - bangle bracelets and cat earrings

Horrible weather today: snow and wind so I couldn't go out to sell March trinkets. So I stayed in and beaded: a nw pair of cats earrings, this time for me, and two violet bangle bracelets.


luni, 21 februarie 2011

TAD 2011 - Day 21: March bracelets

Made some more bracelets in twistd herringbone cord and big glass beads for the 1 of March.


TAD 2011 - Day 20: Wraped up


Spent the day wrapping up the trinkets: putting the white and red cord, ataching them on cards, taking photos for my store on Here are the finished products. So not a very creative day again, but now everything is ready for March 1. I can now go and watch Gone with the Winds.


duminică, 20 februarie 2011

TAD 2011 - Day 19: Ladybugs invasion II

Too tired to create something new, just made some more ldaybugs. Tomorrow is another day.



sâmbătă, 19 februarie 2011

TAD 2011 - Day 18: Ladybugs invasion

Made some more ladybugs. Just in case.


vineri, 18 februarie 2011

TAD 2011 - Day 17: Horseshoes and a special pair of earrings

The good news is that I've got accepted to display my 1 March trinkets at the fair at Romanian Peasant Museum. The bad news is the weather. Well, I managed to get some work done today: 20 horseshoes and a pair of earrings as a present for a special person how likes cats.

There will be 2 or 3 more trinket- days and then I'll go back to jewellery.
I'm off to pray for some sun. See you!


joi, 17 februarie 2011

TAD 2011 - Day 16: Lots of ladybugs on leaves and some links for my trinkets

I've made 30 new ladybugs on leaves, and as an extra some metal links for all the trinkets. See you!


miercuri, 16 februarie 2011

TAD 2011 - Day 15: Finished lariant & more chimney sweepers

Finished the lariant: 1,20 m without the fringe and about one meter and a half with the fringe. I really like the color, but the picture does't do it justice. Hope to get better light tomorrow. I also made 10 more chimney sweepers.

See you tomorrow!


marți, 15 februarie 2011

TAD 2011 - Day 14: Progress on lariant with coral fringe

Worked on my lariant with the help of my cat who is fealling a lot better. 



luni, 14 februarie 2011

TAD 2011 - Day 13: Lariant with coral fringe

 Last fair day. Tired, got some shivers and a little bit of a headache all day from the wind yesterday. Back home in the evening, I've started a lariant necklace with some coralling fringe.

See you tomorrow.


duminică, 13 februarie 2011

TAD 2011 - Day 11: Ladybugs again

Second day at the fair and not so good as the first one, mainly due to windy weather. Back home I did some more ladybugs trinkets as my friends consider them nice. Here they are with the red and white traditional cord and on nice presentation cards. Feeling tired.

See you tomorrow!


vineri, 11 februarie 2011

TAD 2011 - Day 10: Ladybugs on leaves

The fair was ok despite the wind today. I had a very nice feedback on my trinkets so I'll have some more time until March 1 to make some more. Today TAD is 15 ladybugs on leaves and I'll go to bed a little bit early. See you tomorrow!



TAD 2011 - Day 10: More flowers

, Made 20 flowers, prepared for the fair. In 2 hours I have to be up and ready to go. So another almost sleepless night. 


joi, 10 februarie 2011

TAD 2011 - Day 9: More ladybugs: bracelets and trinkets

Made two variation bracelet for March 1. And two ladybugs trinkets, which I'm not particullarely happy with. So it's up to you...should I do more ladybugs trinkets, are they ok, or not? I'm waiting your ideas...

See you tomorrow!


miercuri, 9 februarie 2011

TAD 2011 - Day 8: Earrings for the necklace and a ladybug bracelet

It's been a good day. Met my friends Cristina, Diana and Oltea and we all went shopping for beads and other stuff for March 1. Made some progress with Rudotel's treatment (normal temperature and 200 g gained in 4 days). Managed to make a pair of earrings for the necklace made yesterday and a spring bracelet in red and white that looks very much like a ladybug. Tired...See you tomorrow!