vineri, 12 noiembrie 2010

Christmas is ohhhh so close

As I told you last week I'm starting to get ready for Christmas. This means lots of hard work and also a little turn in terms of things to do and to show on and on fairs. Well, for just few days I left my dear jewelleries to work on decorations: some little trees and some candle table centres. Here they are.

There are few to come for sure, but you can check them all on and as the weather is looking promising for the week-end (around 20 degrees) you cand see them live starting from tomorrow at the fair in the park just in front of Unirea Store.

sâmbătă, 6 noiembrie 2010


  • I've been working like hell, yet fighting an ugly cold, with some complications on my nose, probably due to the cold weather form my last fair, at Romexpo, two weeks ago.
  • Yes, I enjoyed my first fair at Romexpo and will do it once again this month and before Christmas.
  • I've got my second order on, which remainds me I put some new stuff there, but was not able to put all the available products.
  • Started working on things for Christmas and here are just some earrings, you will find more on crafty

    • And last but not least, you are all invited to I Love Handmade, this week-end, the last edition this year for me (due to busy shedule before Christmas).