sâmbătă, 6 noiembrie 2010


  • I've been working like hell, yet fighting an ugly cold, with some complications on my nose, probably due to the cold weather form my last fair, at Romexpo, two weeks ago.
  • Yes, I enjoyed my first fair at Romexpo and will do it once again this month and before Christmas.
  • I've got my second order on crafty.ro, which remainds me I put some new stuff there, but was not able to put all the available products.
  • Started working on things for Christmas and here are just some earrings, you will find more on crafty

    • And last but not least, you are all invited to I Love Handmade, this week-end, the last edition this year for me (due to busy shedule before Christmas).

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    1. Magia sarbatorilor e deja la ea acasa pe blogul tau. Foarte frumoase. Succes la targ. Merge si Rudotel la targ?