luni, 16 august 2010

Photos from Curtea de Arges

Too tired even to think I could share some impresions about the fair in Curtea de Arges. Just form the economic point of view it was one of the worse I had. But it was fun all th way, made new friends, find apreciation from the visitors, changed the hot air in Bucuharest with one a little more pure, visited the monestery and... celebrated my name day with friends.

Here are the pictures.

First tine I could say my stand starts to look ok, just a little bit more profy.

Too tired to smile for the camera...

The stage

The monastery - where the Romanian kings (Carol I and Ferdinand) and their families rest.

3 comentarii:

  1. Foarte frumos standul tau, Ruxy! Imi place foarte mult suportul/rama pentru cercei. Felicitari!

  2. Ruxy, frumoase poze si sa stii ca arati chiar bine langa panou.

  3. Si iac-sa am aflat si eu ca ai blog :)

    Foarte frumoase bijuteriile. Sunt de vis *__*

    Sper sa ne mai intalnim pe la targuri, mi-a facut placere sa te cunosc pe tine si bijuteriile tale :)