duminică, 1 august 2010

Changes and a celebration

This is my 200 post so this needs to be celebrated.
Well there's been a lot of change in my artistic life during the past month, so I didn't get much time to take picture of all the stuff created.

And right now I'm trying desperately to catch up and also to put thing in order and prepair for the next fair which will be in Curtea de Arges on 13-15 August. Here you can find the other artists and all the details.

I'm not going to cover all the news in just one post so i decided to let you all know that everything is fine, thank you, all went just wonderful in Vama Veche and in the Curtea Veche fair and for today to show you some of the NECKLACES I've already sold. Well the other part of the news is that the necklaces that are still available can be found on Crafty.ro, a very new online initiative i decided to give a try.

So, here are the gone necklaces:

1. Cleopatra - the 3rd of the series ( the 4th one, in diferent colors can be find in the store)

2. Leaves - some freeform leaves arangement with a leaf cabochon

3. Boulevard of broken ...wings - yet another butterfly from my family of butterflies. Really love it, and there are more to come.

Just to finish off in style, here is a new bracelet I've just made for the summer.

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