joi, 1 iulie 2010

My first international contest

Yes, I did it, I've entered my first international competition - Fashion Colorworks 2010 Beading Contest, but in order not to be influenced by anyone I prefered not to post anything here before the contest was finished. Well, I did not win, but, as you can see for yourself if you go here and click to see the full galery, the competition was huge. And if you like seed beads half the way I love them, there is plenty of things to see.

As for my part, here ar the entries. Prices will be available soon.

1. Brokenheart Beach Necklace

Used techniques: netting, twisted tubular herringbone, corralling

Used materials: seed beads, pink quartz pendant, mother of pearl natural shaped bead, 7 turquoise beads.

Brief beadwork description: the central part of the necklace is made of a big pink quartz heart pendant (pink quartz being the stone able to clear anger in love - the connection with the name of my piece), I also used few symbols of the beach such as the pink sea star captured by a fishing net (the white netted part), the corrals which are made in amparo blue (notice the color inversion – in nature the corrals are pale pink and the sea stars are more often close to the blue color – to suggest the fact that a brokenheart person sees the world in inverted colors).

2.French Lavender Candy Necklace

Used techniques: twisted tubular herringbone, brick, corralling

Used materials: seed beads, red corral beads, big glass bead, 2 crystal beads, 1 porcelain bead, veil scraps

Brief beadwork description: The porcelain bead covered in veil looks very much as a candy, also the central piece is fluid and very feminine due to the violet veil, the violet corral branch and also a little unpredictable because of the asymmetrical shape. I designated the necklace as a game of form and color, which brings in mind memories of France, sweets and lavender fields, all of them accompanied by a feminine look and the joy of living. The tomato puree of the corral beads, the violet of the veil and the corral and the fusion coral pink of the glass bead mix up to suggest the happy moments in life. So does the cord of the necklace made of seed beads of the same colors in twisted tubular herringbone.

3. Ode to Van Gogh Necklace

Used techniques: netting, corralling

Used materials: seed beads, Indian handmade glass beads, vintage button

Brief beadwork description: The base of the necklace is made in simple netting stitch with light green seed beads and covered with more then 30 different leaves made also in netted stitch and grey (eucalyptus) seed beads and corral braches in grey and dried herb to suggest the natural beauty of the field with only one big sunflower as the central part of the necklace. For a truly natural look of the beaded field I added few green Indian handmade glass beads to suggest green berries. The sunflower is made of netted aurora (yellow with a little touch of orange) petals and a vintage button in the middle. I named the piece Ode to Van Gogh as the painter is one of my favorites and one of his best known paintings is Sunflowers, which celebrates the beauty of nature and life.

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  1. Superb! Toate sunt foarte frumoase.

  2. Ruxy,sunt superbe!Foarte frumoase toate colierele...m-am uitat pe sie la galeria cu pozele participante si am ramas...plina de admiratie pentru rabdarea si creativitatea ce se vedea din fiecare piesa participanta...